5 Best Floating Dog Toys for Endless Water Fun With Your Pooch

As the old saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ and this couldn’t be truer than for your dog. You’ve probably noticed how much your pooch loves splashing around, so it’s crucial to find toys that float to make water playtime even more enjoyable.

From the durable Bark Brite Chewy Buoy to the intriguing CoubonTail Floating Chew Toy shaped like a shark, there’s a variety of options to keep your dog engaged. But how do you choose the right one? Stick around as we explore key factors to consider, ensuring your water-loving dog has the time of their life.

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Bark Brite The Chewy Buoy Water Dog Toy

If you’re looking for a toy that’ll keep your dog entertained both in and out of the water, the Bark Brite Chewy Buoy Water Dog Toy is a top pick. Crafted from durable, nontoxic TPR, it’s designed to withstand both your pup’s teeth and the elements. This toy floats, making it perfect for water play, and its high-visibility color scheme ensures you won’t lose it in the waves or grass. Measuring 5 inches tall with a 2.75-inch diameter and equipped with a compact rope, it’s easy to throw and retrieve, making playtime interactive and fun. Plus, it dries quickly, so you can transition from water to land play without a hitch. Ideal for fetching, chewing, and just about any activity, it’s a versatile choice for endless fun.

Best For: Dog owners seeking a versatile and durable toy for both water and land play.


  • Made of durable, nontoxic TPR suitable for prolonged chewing and fetching.
  • Floats during water activities, enhancing playtime in pools, lakes, or the sea.
  • Quick-drying and high-visibility color scheme make it easy to spot and use anytime.


  • Compact size may not be suitable for larger dog breeds with bigger mouths.

Outward Hound Floatiez Crab Floating Dog Toy, Medium

For dog owners seeking a water-friendly play option, the Outward Hound Floatiez Crab Floating Dog Toy, Medium, stands out with its quick-drying fabric and unique floating design. Crafted from a blend of tennis ball and noodle foam materials, it’s designed to float upright in water, simplifying retrieval for your dog during fetch sessions. Plus, it’s equipped with a squeaker, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime. While it’s not intended for chewing and needs supervision when in use, customers have praised its durability and the joy it brings to their dogs. Available in various sea creature designs, this toy not only adds variety to your dog’s playtime but also encourages active, engaging water play. Just remember, durability varies, so keep an eye on wear and tear.

Best For: Dog owners looking for a durable, water-friendly toy that encourages active play and fetch in the water.


  • Made from quick-drying fabric, tennis ball, and noodle foam materials for buoyancy and easy water retrieval.
  • Includes a squeaker for added excitement, enhancing dogs’ playtime.
  • Available in various sea creature designs, adding variety and visual appeal to your dog’s toy collection.


  • Not intended for chewing, requiring supervision during play to prevent damage.

Chuckit Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Dog Toy, Medium (Assorted Colors)

Water-loving pups will find endless enjoyment with the Chuckit Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Dog Toy, designed specifically for fetching fun in aquatic environments. Crafted from lightweight memory foam and a blend of nylon, rubber, and EVA foam, this toy is both durable and gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth. Its knotted rope feature ensures a secure grip for easy tossing and retrieval. Available in vibrant colors for high visibility in water or tall grass, it’s perfect for play at the pool, beach, or lake.

Users love its buoyancy and visibility, making it a top recommendation for breeds that adore swimming. However, it’s wise to supervise playtime, especially with strong chewers, to extend the toy’s lifespan.

Best For: Water-loving dogs and breeds that enjoy swimming and fetching in aquatic environments.


  • Designed with lightweight memory foam, nylon, rubber, and EVA foam for durability and gentleness on dogs’ gums.
  • Features a knotted, non-slip rope handle for secure gripping and easy throwing.
  • Brightly colored for high visibility in water or tall grass, enhancing playtime and safety.


  • Not suitable as a chew toy; may not withstand prolonged chewing by strong-biting dogs.

CoubonTail Dog Floating Chew Toy Set (Shark)

Designed with a durable, floating foam material, the CoubonTail Dog Floating Chew Toy Set (Shark) is an ideal choice for dogs that enjoy interactive fetch and play sessions in the pool. The toy’s tough construction and special foam material allow it to float effortlessly, ensuring your dog can easily spot and retrieve it during swim time. With a rope attached, you’ll find throwing and fetching a breeze, making it a blast for both you and your pooch.

It’s made of safe, non-toxic materials, featuring a cute shark design that’s sure to engage your dog in playful antics. However, if your dog’s a heavy chewer, keep an eye out. While it’s great for fetching, it mightn’t withstand aggressive chewing. Always supervise playtime to avoid any potential choking hazards from chewed-off pieces.

Best For: Active and smart dogs that enjoy water play and can benefit from interactive fetch sessions.


  • Tough, durable construction with floating foam material ideal for water play.
  • Rope attached for easy throwing and fetching, enhancing interactive play.
  • Made of safe, non-toxic materials with a cute shark design for added fun.


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers; may not withstand heavy chewing.

KONG – Aqua – Floating Fetch Toy for Water Play – for Large Dogs

If your large dog thrives on aquatic adventures, the KONG Aqua floating fetch toy is tailor-made for their water play. Designed to promote fun and exercise, this toy boasts a foam core that ensures it stays afloat, making it perfect for fetch games in the water. It’s available in sizes to suit medium to large dogs, ensuring a great fit for your furry swimmer. Manufactured in the USA with globally sourced materials, it comes with the KONG Satisfaction Guarantee, underlining its quality and durability.

The Aqua features a rope for extra throwing distance and a hard rubber end that stands up to chewing. Its unpredictable bounce adds excitement to playtime, while the durable rope supports interactive play and tug of war. Although some users have noted the rope could be more durable, the toy’s overall toughness and floating capability have received high praise. It’s easy to spot in various environments, making it a favorite for water play and fetch enthusiasts.

Best For: Large dogs that love water play and fetching games.


  • Floating design suitable for water play
  • Durable hard rubber end for chewing resistance
  • Rope attached for increased throwing distance


  • Rope durability could be improved

Factors to Consider When Choosing Floating Dog Toys

When picking out floating dog toys, you’ve got to keep a few key factors in mind.

First off, ensure the toy’s material is safe and can stand up to your pup’s chewing habits.

Then, consider if the toy’s easy to spot in the water and if its size and weight suit your dog’s play style, along with the quality of any ropes attached.

Toy Material Safety

Why should you care about the material safety of floating dog toys? It’s simple: you want to ensure your dog’s playtime isn’t only fun but also safe.

Always pick toys made of non-toxic materials to shield your pet from potential harm. Toys crafted from durable materials that resist water damage are ideal, as they won’t break or deteriorate easily during aquatic play.

Avoid toys with small parts or designs that could pose choking hazards. Also, select toys with smooth surfaces and no sharp edges to prevent injuries.

Lastly, consider toys that are straightforward to clean and dry swiftly, helping you maintain cleanliness and steer clear of mold or bacterial growth. Ensuring these factors can make water play both enjoyable and safe.

Durability for Chewers

Choosing the right floating dog toy requires considering its durability, especially for dogs who love to chew. Look for toys made from rubber or foam, materials tough enough to withstand a good gnawing session. It’s also wise to opt for toys with reinforced seams and sturdy construction, as these can better resist damage from those aggressive chewers among our dogs.

Make sure the toys are designed for water play and are resistant to punctures and tears. Always check that the materials are non-toxic, ensuring they’re safe for your dog to chew on during water activities. Lastly, choosing toys with a strong rope or handle makes them easier to throw and retrieve, adding to the fun without compromising on durability.

Water Visibility Features

In addition to durability, it’s crucial to consider water visibility features to ensure your dog easily spots their floating toy during playtime. Opt for toys in high visibility colors like orange, yellow, or bright blue, which stand out in water.

Toys with reflective elements or patterns enhance visibility in low light or murky conditions, making them easier for your pooch to locate. Contrasting colors or unique patterns help differentiate the toys from their aquatic surroundings.

Additionally, some toys are equipped with LED lights, boosting visibility during evening swims or in dimly lit areas. Remember, toys with unique shapes or designs also make them more noticeable against the water’s surface, aiding your dog in spotting and retrieving them with ease.

Size and Weight

When selecting floating dog toys, it’s essential to consider their size and weight to ensure they’re a perfect fit for your dog’s breed and swimming capabilities. Opting for lightweight toys makes it easier for your pooch to carry and retrieve them in the water.

You also need to ensure the toy’s weight matches your dog’s strength and swimming skills to prevent any accidents. A toy that’s buoyant enough to stay afloat is crucial for visibility and easy retrieval.

Additionally, checking the toy’s weight distribution can help ensure it floats upright, enhancing your dog’s interaction and playtime. Choosing the right size and weight for the floating dog toy can make a significant difference in your dog’s safety and enjoyment during water play.

Rope Quality

A high-quality rope is essential for floating dog toys, ensuring they’re durable, safe, and fun for your dog’s water play. Typically, these ropes are crafted from sturdy materials like nylon or polyester, guaranteeing their longevity.

It’s crucial that the rope is securely fastened to the toy to prevent it from detaching during play, which could pose a safety risk to your dog. A robust rope not only makes throwing and retrieving the toy in water easier but also enhances your interactive playtime.

When selecting a floating toy, choose one with a rope that’s easy to grip, ensuring you can engage in fetch games both in the water and on land. Opting for such a toy helps in avoiding potential accidents or choking hazards, especially important for dogs that love to chew.

Play Versatility

After discussing the importance of rope quality in floating dog toys, it’s equally crucial to consider how these toys can cater to various play activities both in and out of the water. Floating dog toys should offer versatility, accommodating fetching, chewing, and interactive games.

The design ought to allow for fun on land and water, ensuring your pup stays entertained in different settings. It’s important to find toys that are suitable for all dog sizes and breeds, making sure everyone can join in the fun.

Look for features like ropes or handles that make throwing and retrieval easier, enhancing interactive play. This not only keeps the game lively but also strengthens the bond between you and your pup.

Floatation Capability

Choosing the right floating dog toy requires understanding its flotation capability, a key factor that ensures your pet’s playtime is both safe and enjoyable in water environments.

Toys made from buoyant materials like foam or rubber are essential, as they stay afloat, making them visible and easily retrievable during water play. This prevents the toy from sinking and getting lost in pools, lakes, or other water bodies.

Buoyant toys are especially ideal for water-loving dogs who enjoy fetching and playing in aquatic settings. By ensuring the toy floats well, you enhance the safety and enjoyment of water activities for both you and your pooch.

Always consider the floatation capability to keep the fun going without interruption.

Easy Cleaning Methods

Considering the floatation capability ensures your dog’s toy stays afloat, it’s also crucial to think about how easily you can keep it clean for the next playful splash.

Opt for floating dog toys made of quick-drying materials, as they’re a breeze to clean with just a simple rinse or wipe down. Toys with smooth surfaces don’t trap dirt and debris, making them even easier to maintain.

If you’re looking for convenience, check if the toy is dishwasher safe for a thorough clean. Avoid toys with intricate designs or hard-to-reach crevices, as they can harbor bacteria and require more effort to clean.

Also, choose toys resistant to mold and mildew to ensure they stay hygienic and safe for endless water fun with your pooch.

So, you’ve got your list of the top floating dog toys to keep your pooch entertained in the water. From the durable Bark Brite Chewy Buoy to the playful Outward Hound Floatiez Crab and more, there’s something for every water-loving dog out there.

Remember, when picking out toys, consider their durability, size, and how engaging they’ll be for your dog.

Now, grab one of these fantastic toys and get ready for endless fun at the pool, lake, or beach with your dog!

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