5 Best Freezable Puppy Teething Toys to Soothe Your Puppy’s Gums

Did you know that most puppies experience discomfort during their teething phase, and this can actually be a realy painful and confusing tiem for them?

As you're working through this challenging time, where your pup might be really upset that their teeth are so sore, it's crucial to find ways to alleviate your puppy's pain, as it will also make your life easier too!

That's where freezable puppy teething toys come in handy. They're designed to soothe swollen gums and provide a fun distraction for your pup.

From the PetSafe Chilly Penguin to the Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Toy, we've rounded up the top five options that you'll want to consider, to help your puppy though the dreaded teething phase.

Let's take a look at the toys that will best suit your puppy's needs and bring them some cool soothing comfort.

PetSafe Chilly Penguin Freezable Treat Holding Dog Toy

For tough chewers in need of relief from teething, the PetSafe Chilly Penguin Freezable Treat Holding Dog Toy stands out with its durable, vanilla-scented rubber and unique treat-holding design. You can fill its snowflake-shaped cavity with anything from peanut butter to yogurt, and even wet dog food to provide some soothing fun for your pup.

It's easy to clean as it's dishwasher-safe and its stackable design means you can keep several stasahed and rwady to go in the freezer. This toy not only keeps your dog engaged but also promotes dental health through chewing. Though some find it tricky to clean leftover treats from its crevices, its ability to hold a variety of frozen treats makes it a versatile tool in combating boredom and discomfort from teething.

Best For: Tough chewers and pups that need stimulation and relief from boredom or teething.


  • Made from durable, vanilla-scented rubber suitable for tough chewers.
  • Unique snowflake-shaped treat cavity can hold a variety of frozen treats, promoting dental health.
  • Dishwasher-safe and stackable design for easy cleaning and storage.


  • Some users find it difficult to clean leftover treats from the crevices – just use a bottle brush!

Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy, Durable & Fillable (Large, Blue)

If you're seeking a tough, engaging way to soothe your puppy's teething pain, then the Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy, with its durable, freezable design, stands out as a great choice.

This toy's made from non-toxic, natural rubber and can be packed with treats for a rewarding challenge. Just fill it with kibble, add water, and freeze. The safety vent ensures your pet's tongue won't get stuck, and it's dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Its square shape not only makes it easy to fill and freeze but also provides a more stimulating experience for your puppy compared to round toys.

Customers rave about its durability and how it keeps pets entertained, outlasting similar products. Plus, it's affordable, offering great value for your money. With its ease of use and ability to entertain, this toy is a must-have for your teething puppy.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a durable, entertaining, and safe way to soothe their puppy's teething discomfort and keep them engaged.


  • Made from durable, non-toxic, natural rubber, ensuring safety and longevity.
  • Features a ‘Frozen Feeding' option for a rewarding and refreshing treat experience.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, with a square shape that simplifies filling and freezing.


  • Limited to one size and color, which may not suit all pets or owner preferences.

Freezable Puppy Teething Chew Toys Set (Blue)

Easing your puppy's teething pain becomes effortless with the Freezable Puppy Teething Chew Toys Set (Blue), designed specifically for young canines experiencing discomfort during this growth phase. Made from nontoxic and BPA-free materials, this freezable chew toy not only soothes irritation but also cleans teeth and gums gently yet effectively. Plus, it's filled with soft particles for added gum relief and can double as a treat dispenser to keep your pup engaged.

Customers, including those from international regions, have shared positive experiences, highlighting its durability and the freezable feature's effectiveness in soothing gums. While it's mostly praised by owners of mid to larger-sized puppies, there's mixed feedback regarding its suitability for very small or heavy-chewing breeds. For added fun, try filling it with peanut butter, which can also help redirect inappropriate chewing behaviors during teething.

Best For: Puppies going through the teething phase, particularly mid to larger-sized breeds that need relief from gum irritation.


  • Made of nontoxic and BPA-free materials, ensuring safety for your puppy.
  • Features a freezable option to provide a cooling effect that soothes teething pain.
  • Versatile design allows for filling with treats or peanut butter to keep puppies entertained and redirect chewing.


  • May not be durable enough for heavy chewers, leading to potential product breakdown.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Toy, Lamb & Apple Flavor

Teething puppies up to 25 pounds will find the Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Toy, with its lamb and apple flavor, an ideal choice for soothing their sore gums. This small/regular-sized toy isn't just a treat for your pup's taste buds but also a remedy for their discomfort. Its freezable nature provides a cooling sensation that helps alleviate the pain of teething, while the dental nubs on the toy promote teeth cleaning as your puppy chews.

Moreover, the color-changing technology adds a fun twist, letting you know when it's time to refreeze the toy. It's designed to be durable, keeping your puppy entertained and away from destructive chewing habits. However, it's important to note that it may not be suitable for aggressive chewers or larger breeds. But for small dogs, it's a go-to solution for teething troubles.

Best For: Teething puppies up to 25 pounds in need of relief from gum discomfort and a distraction from destructive chewing habits.


  • Color-changing technology indicates when to refreeze, adding convenience.
  • Freezable feature offers soothing relief for teething puppies.
  • Durable material prevents destructive chewing, promoting healthy habits.


  • Doesn't retain cold long enough for some puppies, limiting relief duration.

Frozen Puppy Teething Toys 3 Pack

For puppies enduring the discomfort of teething, the Frozen Puppy Teething Toys 3 Pack offers cooling relief and engaging play. These toys not only soothe your pup's gums by releasing cool water but also keep them entertained for hours. They're perfect for hot summer days when your pup needs extra comfort. Plus, you can fill the surface grid texture with peanut butter to boost their nutrition and energy.

Made from 100% non-toxic materials, these toys are safe and durable, although some small dog owners have found them a bit large. Remember, there's a 30-day return or exchange policy if they don't suit your pup. Always check the dimensions before ordering to ensure the right fit for your dog.

Best For: Puppies in need of cooling teething relief and engaging play during their teething phase.


  • Provides cooling relief to soothe teething discomfort and reduce itching.
  • Can be filled with peanut butter to supplement puppy nutrition and provide energy.
  • Made of 100% non-toxic materials, ensuring safety and suitability for teething puppies.


  • Some toys may be too big for smaller dog breeds like chihuahuas.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Freezable Puppy Teething Toys

When picking out freezable puppy teething toys, it's worth bearing a few things in mind.

Forst make sure the toy's safety and materials are top-notch, it suits your pup's size and breed, and it's durable enough to withstand heavy chewing.

Additionally, check if it's easy to clean and compatible with treats to keep your dog engaged. I love a toy that can go in the dishwasher.

Safety and Materials

Choosing the right freezable puppy teething toy involves considering both safety and the materials it's made from, ensuring it's non-toxic and gentle on your pup's gums. You'll want to select toys made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials. This choice guarantees that the toys are safe for your puppy to chew on, especially during this vulnerable stage.

Additionally, opt for toys with gentle textures. Smooth, pliable surfaces are kinder on your puppy's sensitive gums, providing relief without causing harm. It's also essential to pick durable and long-lasting materials that can handle both the rigors of chewing and the freezing process.

Moreover, always check for any choking hazards or small parts that could pose a risk to your pup, ensuring playtime is both safe and enjoyable.

Size and Breed Suitability

After considering safety and materials, it's also crucial to think about the size and breed suitability of freezable puppy teething toys to ensure they match your pup's needs.

The size of the teething toy relative to your puppy's breed is vital for their comfort and safety. Smaller toys work best for toy breeds or puppies with tiny mouths, ensuring they can chew effectively without risk. Conversely, larger toys suit medium to large breeds better, providing ample surface for healthy chewing habits.

Toys too small for a large breed could be a choking hazard, while too large toys mightn't offer the relief a small breed puppy seeks. Selecting a toy designed for your puppy's breed size guarantees a safer, more enjoyable teething experience.

Durability for Chewers

Why should you consider the durability of freezable puppy teething toys?

Well, puppies are known for their vigorous chewing. Opting for toys made of sturdy materials like non-toxic rubber or nylon helps ensure they can withstand such enthusiastic use.

Look for toys with reinforced seams and construction to prevent them from easily tearing apart. Textured or ridged toys not only soothe your pup's gums but are also tough enough to endure chewing.

If you're dealing with an aggressive chewer, toys designed with multiple layers or robust designs are your best bet for longevity. Lastly, don't overlook user reviews and ratings; they're invaluable in assessing a toy's durability.

Choosing durable teething toys means more playtime for your puppy and less worry for you.

Ease of Cleaning

While considering the durability of freezable puppy teething toys is crucial, don't forget to factor in how easy they're to clean.

Opting for toys that are dishwasher safe can save you a lot of hassle, allowing for easy cleaning after every use. Toys with simple designs and fewer crevices are also a win, as they make cleaning more efficient, preventing bacteria build-up in hard-to-reach spots.

Materials that you can quickly wipe down or rinse off will keep the toy hygienic for your puppy's next playtime. Additionally, choosing toys that are quick to clean not only ensures convenience but also promotes regular use. If you can find toys with removable parts, you're in luck for a thorough clean, keeping your puppy's playtime both fun and safe.

Treat Compatibility

When choosing freezable puppy teething toys, it's essential to consider how compatible they're with different treats to enhance your puppy's experience. Opt for toys that work well with a variety of treats, such as peanut butter, yogurt, or baby food, to add more enjoyment. Look for designs with various treat cavities or slots to fit different sizes and textures.

It's important that the toy allows for easy treat filling and freezing, creating a fun and engaging chew toy. Make sure the toy's material is safe for freezing and won't release harmful chemicals. Also, the size of the treat compartment should be big enough to keep your puppy interested and satisfied during their teething phase.

Cooling Effect Duration

Understanding the cooling effect duration of freezable puppy teething toys is crucial in selecting one that'll keep your puppy comfortable for longer periods. The time a toy stays cold can differ greatly depending on its materials and design.

For example, toys with insulation, thicker materials, or special gel-filled compartments usually offer prolonged cooling, giving your pup extended relief. This variation means you've got to consider how different toys are constructed to find the best option.

Toy Texture and Dental

Selecting a freezable puppy teething toy with the right texture and dental features is key to ensuring your pup's gums stay healthy and irritation-free. The texture should be designed to massage gums and clean teeth while your puppy chews. Look for toys with dental nubs or ridges on the surface, as these can promote dental health and soothe teething discomfort.

It's important that the texture is gentle on your puppy's sensitive gums to avoid any irritation. Choosing a toy with the right texture also helps in redirecting your puppy's chewing behavior towards appropriate items. Always opt for toys with surfaces that are safe, non-toxic, and specifically designed for teething puppies to ensure their well-being.

Choosing the ideal freezable teething toy for your puppy doesn't have to be tricky. Look for toys that are durable, safe, and able to hold your pup's interest while soothing their sore gums.

Whether it's the PetSafe Chilly Penguin or a multifunctional teething chew set, ensure it's suitable for your pup's size and chewing habits. Remember, these toys are more than just a cooling relief; they're an essential tool in your puppy's development and well-being.

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