5 Best Dog Drinking Fountains

While a simple bowl of water has its charm, the latest dog drinking fountains elevate your pet’s hydration to a whole new level. You’re seeking not just convenience but also health benefits for your furry friend.

With options ranging from the sleek Veken models to the robust PetSafe fountains, there’s a perfect match for every pet’s needs. These fountains ensure your dog stays hydrated with fresh, filtered water, making each sip as refreshing as the last.

Before you make a decision, consider factors like capacity, material, and filtration. Let’s explore what sets these top contenders apart, guiding you toward the best choice for your pet’s health and happiness. We’ve rounded up what we think are the 5 Best Dog Drinking Fountains, to give your dog the freshest and cleanest water that will make them want to keep drinking, and help keep them hydrated.

Veken Automatic Pet Water Fountain, 84oz with Filters & Mat

For pet owners seeking a quiet and efficient hydration solution for their furry friends, the Veken Automatic Pet Water Fountain, with its ultra-quiet pump and large 2.5L capacity, stands out as a top choice. It’s made from BPA-free, quality materials ensuring safety and durability.

You’ll appreciate the triple filtration system that guarantees clean drinking water, vital for your pet’s health. The fountain offers three different flow designs, catering to the preferences of various pets, whether they’re intrigued by a gentle flow or a more pronounced stream.

Assembly is straightforward, and its quiet operation won’t disrupt your household. Plus, the included mat significantly reduces spills, keeping your floors dry. With positive feedback from users, including those with multiple pets or picky drinkers, it’s clear why this fountain is highly recommended.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a quiet, efficient, and safe hydration solution for their pets, especially suitable for households with multiple pets or picky drinkers.


  • Ultra-quiet pump ensures a peaceful environment.
  • Large 2.5L capacity reduces the need for frequent refills.
  • Triple filtration system provides clean and safe drinking water.


  • Requires regular maintenance and filter replacement to ensure optimal performance.

Veken Stainless Steel Pet Fountain, 85oz (Automatic Water Dispenser for Pets)

Pet owners seeking an innovative solution to keep their furry friends hydrated will find the Veken Stainless Steel Pet Fountain, with its 85oz capacity and automatic dispensing, an award-winning choice for cleanliness and convenience. This fountain, celebrated for its upgraded stainless steel design and faucet-like feature, ensures pets are enticed to drink more. Its 4-stage filtration system promises pure, clean water, addressing pet parents’ concerns about water quality.

Users love its whisper-quiet operation and how simple it’s to clean, making maintenance a breeze. The stainless steel construction not only appeals for its sleekness but also for its contribution to better hygiene. While some have noted issues with water level visibility and pump maintenance, the overall feedback highlights an increase in pets’ water consumption and an improvement in litter box cleanliness. Easy to assemble and with a design that pets adore, it stands out as a top pick for ensuring your pets stay well-hydrated.

Best For: Pet owners who prioritize hygiene, quiet operation, and ensuring their pets are adequately hydrated.


  • Easy assembly and cleaning
  • Quiet operation
  • Attractive stainless steel design


  • Issues with water level visibility

PetSafe 2 Gallon Automatic Water Fountain for Pets

If you’re seeking a hydration solution that keeps your furry friends quenched and healthy, the PetSafe 2 Gallon Automatic Water Fountain might just be your best bet. This fountain encourages hydration by allowing you to customize the water flow, making it appealing to pets of all sizes.

It’s designed with compatible filters and pumps, ensuring the water your pet drinks is clean and fresh. Plus, it’s easy to clean, which means you won’t spend hours maintaining it. Customer reviews praise the fountain for its design improvements and the exceptional U.S.-based customer care. Although some have expressed concerns about durability, the overwhelming majority highlight the benefits, especially in terms of encouraging pets to drink more and the convenience of not having to refill the water bowl so frequently.

Best For: This product is ideal for pet owners seeking a reliable, high-capacity hydration solution for their pets.


  • Encourages increased water intake among pets with customizable water flow.
  • Easy to clean, reducing maintenance time for pet owners.
  • Exceptional U.S.-based customer care support for any inquiries or issues.


  • Some concerns regarding the durability of the product.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain (168 Ounce)

Quenching your furry friend’s thirst becomes effortless with the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain’s generous 168 oz. water capacity, making it ideal for pets of all sizes. The falling stream design not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also encourages your pets to drink more, staying hydrated.

It comes with a replaceable carbon water filter ensuring your pet always has access to clean water. The built-in reservoir means fewer refills for you, while the adjustable water flow lets you customize it to your pet’s preference. Plus, it’s top-shelf dishwasher safe, simplifying cleaning.

Durable and easy to maintain, this fountain is designed to last for years, though you’ll need to replace filters and occasionally clean it to keep it in top shape.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a high-capacity, durable water fountain to encourage their pets to stay hydrated.


  • Large 168 oz. water capacity accommodates pets of all sizes.
  • Falling stream design and adjustable water flow cater to pets’ preferences and encourage more drinking.
  • Replaceable carbon water filter and top-shelf dishwasher safe components ensure clean water and easy maintenance.


  • Requires regular filter replacements and cleaning to maintain optimal function.

RIZZARI Automatic Pet Waterer (3.6L) for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs

For cat and small to medium dog owners seeking a reliable water supply, the RIZZARI Automatic Pet Waterer (3.6L) stands out with its large capacity and gravity refill system. Its 3.6L capacity ensures your pets always have access to fresh water, refilling automatically by gravity to save you time and worry. The transparent design lets you easily check water levels, while its non-slip, overflow-proof base keeps things tidy and safe. Made from durable 304 stainless steel, it’s not only sturdy but also maintains water cleanliness.

Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward, thanks to its split design allowing for simple disassembly. While some users have noted difficulties in cleaning certain parts, the overall convenience and durability of the RIZZARI Waterer make it a favorite among pet owners. Its ease of use, coupled with a long-lasting water supply, simplifies pet care routines significantly.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a durable, easy-to-use water dispenser that can accommodate the needs of cats and small to medium dogs.


  • Large 3.6L capacity with an automatic gravity refill system ensures pets always have access to fresh water.
  • Transparent design and split construction for easy refill and cleaning enhance user convenience.
  • Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, offering durability and maintaining water cleanliness.


  • Some users find cleaning the bottle cap and base challenging due to dust and dirt accumulation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Drinking Fountains

When selecting a dog drinking fountain, it’s crucial you consider your pet’s specific needs and your own preferences.

You’ll want to evaluate the water capacity, filtration system, noise level, maintenance ease, and whether it’s suitable for your dog’s size.

These factors ensure your furry friend stays hydrated with clean water in a way that also fits your lifestyle.

Water Capacity Needs

Selecting the right water capacity for your dog’s drinking fountain often hinges on the size and number of your pets, ensuring they always have access to fresh water.

Smaller dogs mightn’t drink as much as larger breeds or when multiple pets are sharing the same fountain. Opting for a fountain with a larger water capacity can ease your mind, knowing there’s plenty of fresh water available throughout the day.

Especially consider this if any of your pets have health conditions like kidney disease, which could increase their water intake needs. Regularly monitoring how much water your pets drink can guide you to the ideal fountain size, helping you avoid constant refills or, worse, running dry.

Filtration System Quality

Ensuring your dog’s drinking water is clean and safe, the quality of the filtration system in their drinking fountain can’t be overlooked. A top-notch filtration system is key to removing impurities, odors, and contaminants, ensuring your furry friend stays well-hydrated with fresh water.

High-quality filters not only keep the water tasting great but also prevent harmful bacteria and mold from thriving. Opt for a fountain with a multi-stage filtration process for the most thorough purification. However, it’s not just about having a great filter; regular maintenance is critical.

You’ll need to replace the filters as recommended to maintain optimal performance. By prioritizing the filtration system quality, you’re investing in your dog’s health and happiness.

Noise Level Considerations

One often overlooked aspect that can significantly affect your dog’s willingness to drink water is the noise level of their drinking fountain. Noise can be a major deterrent for pets, making them uneasy and potentially affecting their hydration.

It’s not just about the sound of water; the pump mechanism, water flow design, and materials used in the fountain’s construction can all contribute to its overall noise output. Opting for a fountain designed to be ultra-quiet can make a world of difference.

These models minimize stress and disturbance, both for your pet and for you. By choosing a drinking fountain with a quiet pump and low noise levels, you’ll enhance your dog’s drinking experience, ensuring they stay well-hydrated without any added stress.

Ease of Maintenance

When choosing a dog drinking fountain, it’s crucial to consider ease of maintenance to keep your furry friend’s water clean and fresh. Look for fountains with easily removable parts, making them quick and efficient to clean.

If you’re after convenience, consider options with dishwasher-safe components to simplify your maintenance routine. Opting for fountains with replaceable filters is also wise, ensuring your pet always has access to clean and fresh water.

Additionally, choose products with clear maintenance instructions to help prolong the lifespan of the fountain. Lastly, prioritize fountains with accessible pump mechanisms, making them easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

Pet Size Compatibility

Selecting a dog drinking fountain that matches your pet’s size and breed is crucial for their comfort and hydration needs. It’s essential to consider the height and size of the fountain to ensure it’s accessible to your furry friend, whether they’re a tiny terrier or a large Labrador.

Look for models with adjustable water flow settings, which can cater to the preferences of both small and large pets, enhancing their drinking experience. Additionally, check the fountain’s capacity to guarantee it can hold enough water to meet your pet’s daily requirements.

Opting for a design that’s splash-proof or spill-proof can also save you from unnecessary messes, especially with smaller, more energetic pets. Lastly, choosing a fountain with easy-to-clean surfaces will help maintain hygiene for pets of all sizes.

Material Durability

As you explore dog drinking fountains, paying close attention to the material’s durability is crucial for finding a long-lasting hydration solution for your furry companion.

Stainless steel fountains shine in this category, boasting high durability and resistance to rust. They’re a robust choice that promises longevity.

Ceramic fountains, while equally durable and easy to clean, offer a hygienic option that keeps your pet’s water fresh.

However, plastic fountains mightn’t hold up as well over time, showing wear and tear more quickly than their stainless steel or ceramic counterparts.

It’s also essential to look for materials that resist scratches and cracks, as these flaws can compromise the fountain’s cleanliness. Choosing a non-porous and easily sanitized material will ensure your pet’s health and safety.

Design and Aesthetics

Choosing the right dog drinking fountain goes beyond functionality; its design and aesthetics also play a crucial role in blending seamlessly with your home’s decor. When selecting a fountain, consider its size, shape, and material to ensure it complements your interior.

You’ll find options ranging from sleek, modern designs to classic styles, allowing you to pick one that suits your taste. Some fountains even offer customizable colors or patterns, making it easier to match them with your living space.

It’s also essential to think about the fountain’s visibility and how it integrates into your pet’s daily routine. A well-chosen fountain can enhance your decor while providing your dog with a constant source of fresh water, merging functionality with style effortlessly.

Health and Hydration

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy and hydrated, investing in a water fountain that encourages regular drinking habits can make a significant difference. Adequate hydration is crucial for your dog’s overall health, and a water fountain can play a pivotal role.

These fountains often have filtration systems to remove impurities, ensuring your furry friend always has access to fresh water. The sound and sight of running water can attract your dog, encouraging them to drink more and stay well-hydrated.

Furthermore, the continuous circulation of water prevents stagnation and reduces the risk of bacterial growth. For dogs prone to urinary issues, dog drinking fountains can be particularly beneficial, promoting increased water intake and supporting their urinary health.


Choosing the best dog drinking fountain comes down to your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. Whether you opt for the sleek Veken models, the spacious PetSafe fountains, or the RIZZARI’s generous capacity, hydration for your furry friend is guaranteed.

Remember, key factors like size, material, and ease of cleaning play a huge role in your decision. Investing in a quality water fountain ensures your dog stays hydrated and happy, making it a win-win for both of you.

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